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Aashir Nasim, VP for Inclusive Excellence

Aashir Nasim, Ph.D., respected scholar and academic administrator, was named vice president for Inclusive Excellence at Virginia Commonwealth University, effective April 2.  VCU News article, here.


The Black Education Association


VCU Community mourns the death of inaugural Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, VCU News, 8/2/17

Hundreds of Students, Faculty demand more diversity at VCU, WTVR CBS 6, 11/19/15

End Cosmetic Diversity, Richmond Times Dispatch, 11/18/15

VCU President Vows to End Diversity Concerns, WWBT NBC12, 11/18/15

VCU Host Forum on Diversity & Inclusion, WRIC, 11/18/15

Administration Responds to Black VCU Speaks, Commonwealth Times, 11/16/15

Students are protesting Racism on College Campuses, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/16/15

VCU Activists Demand Change, WTVR CBS 6, 11/13/15

VCU Strikes a Blow for Empathy, Richmond Time Dispatch 11/12/15

Black Students Demand Changes, Richmond Times Dispatch11/12/15

VCU Students Stand in Solidarity with Mizzou, WTVR CBS 6, 11/11/15

VCU Black Education Association Supports Black VCU Speaks

We commend Black VCU Speaks and students at other universities for bringing their voice to the lack of diversity of black faculty and cultural competency at VCU and other universities.  A university that values diversity and inclusion has to be inclusive of everyone.  The lack of black faculty has been a long standing concern of the black educators association.  Over the past three years BEA has met with several administrators to voice our concern about what we call a “crises.”  We agree with Black VCU Speaks that this crisis has not been adequately addressed with the urgency required. We believe given VCU’s historical mission and current status, there is an opportunity to show leadership in addressing this issue. -Black Education Association, November 2015

The Decline in Black Faculty Resolution

To read the entire VCU Faculty Senate Black Education Resolution, click on the link below.

VCU Faculty Senate Black Education Resolution

VCU to Study Decline in Black Students, Faculty

February 12, 2015

By Karin Kapsidelis, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Virginia Commonwealth University will examine why fewer African-American students from the Richmond area attend VCU even as undergraduate enrollment becomes more diverse. The university also will bring in a national consultant to study why its faculty is not as diverse as its student body — a concern that led the faculty senate to adopt a resolution last month declaring that the decline in black faculty compromises the mission of the university. Read more...

Black faculty at VCU fight decline in their ranks

December 27, 2014

Karin Kapsidelis, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Shawn Utsey
Virginia Commonwealth University professor Shawn Utsey has received Fulbright Scholar grant.

Go over to the Siegel Center on Broad Street and “you’ll find plenty of black people on the basketball team,” says Virginia Commonwealth University professor Shawn Utsey. “But those young black men may never have the benefit of having a black professor in their academic careers.” Read more...


VCU President Michael Rao's statement on VCU's continued commitment to inclusive excellence 
VCU President Michael Rao's statement on national challenges around race and diversity

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First African American Female Transplant Surgeon to visit VCU

The Black Education Association (BEA) at VCU hosted Dr. Velma Scantlebury M.D., FACS, Associate Director of the Kidney Transplant Program at Christiana Care Health System in Delaware on Feburay 24, 2016. She is America's first African American female transplant surgeon. Read more about Dr. Scantlebury's visit.